Transponder Pad

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For racers, a common problem we've encountered is transponders tending to rotate during a race and potentially ending up in an undesirable orientation.  We've all seen the trick of putting duck tape or electrical tape around the fork leg, but that's a temporary solution at best and definitely isn't very aesthetically pleasing.  Additionally, plastic or carbon fiber mounts can easily scratch up those expensive fork tubes over time. 


The 3DP transponder pad is designed to minimize both those issues at once, providing a grippy rubber surface for your transponder to rest on while also protecting your fork tubes from damage.  Installation is simple, and the pad does not inhibit access to the transponder in any way.  



- Quick and easy installation

- Protects fork tubes from damage

- Reduces risk of transponder rotating on fork leg

- 1.25" zip tie holder spacing fits most transponder mounts