About 3DP

Hello, and welcome to 3DP Moto!


3DP Moto was started back in 2019 as a way to bring my interests in 3D printing and motocross together, while offering truly one of a kind products to every customer.  If you've grown up around racing, you've probably spent a significant amount of time looking over magazine and web features about the bikes of the factory stars of our sport, and over time it becomes apparent that it's never one single part that makes a bike "factory", but the collection of small components that are customized and tailored to the rider.  Like all of us, I dreamed of having all of those custom pieces that were made just for me sprinkled across my bike, however, I also knew all to well how cost prohibitive they were and how connected you needed to be to get them.  If only there was a way to make on-off pieces available to everyone, and produce them in such a way that they could be economical for all riders. . .


Well, that day has arrived.  After learning about 3D printing, I realized just how disruptive this technology could be to traditional manufacturing methods and supply chains.  Designs can now be changed easily in CAD programs and printed in small quantities, with no expensive investments in tooling or fixturing that plague more traditional manufacturing methods and make low volume runs all but impossible.  3D printing also frees the designer from many traditional constraints, and allows for innovative approaches that cannot be manufactured with any other method.  As a racer myself, I saw a huge opportunity to bring this technology into the motocross world and provide something truly unique to the community that had never been offered.  At 3DP Moto, every customer can have access to the customization usually reserved for only the factory stars of the sport thanks to additive manufacturing, and we're only just getting started!  There is so much potential in this space and I'm excited to see where the market guides us as we try to redefine what an aftermarket parts company can be.