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Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are 3D printed parts?

This question will vary depending on material and, infill percentage.  However, as a general rule, 3D printed parts will likely be more rigid (less deflection under load) and brittle (more likely to rupture, rather than permanently deform) than typical plastics we may see on our motorcycles.  Unfortunately with material selection, there will always be trade-offs.  In this instance, we're trading ductility for rigidity.  However, our cable guides have proven to be more than adequate under normal riding conditions, and withstand the normal wear and tear the stock pieces see.  As a rule of thumb, if the 3D printed part breaks in this application due to a crash, the stock unit would have also broken or been deformed to the point of being unusable.

What surface finish can I expect?

 As with any FDM printed part, there will be always be some small, horizontal lines that show up around the part.  At 3DP Moto we've worked hard to optimize our print settings and minimize this effect as much as possible, however under close inspection these lines will always be present in printed parts.  Since printed parts are built up layer by layer, each of these lines represents a layer (or step) in the print, similar to how the rings in the trunk of a tree indicate the age of the tree.

Can you do two different colors?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time.  However, two color printing systems are becoming more and more cost effective and user friendly every day, so this may be an option we will explore in the future.

Are the cable guides direct, bolt on replacements?

Absolutely!  All you'll need to do is remove the old guide, carefully slide the new guide over the thinnest section of the brake line, and bolt it in place.